Paul Okoye's Girlfriend Tackles Men Who Say All They Need Is Respect And Not Love

Ifeoma Ivy, the girlfriend to popular Nigerian singer Paul Okoye of the Psquare Duo, has tackled men who say all they need is respect and not love.

According to a post Ivy Ifeoma made on his Instagram story, she said that the phrase men don't need love all they need is respect are two different things because if that's what all men need, then what is the different between your partner and any random person? Anyone can respect you, but there is respect in love too.

Ifeoma Ivy added that most men keep demanding respect too like their life depends on it hope you know it's earned, stop acting like a dog and treat others with respect too, she said.

This is coming a few days after Paul Okoye said that for men sometimes it's not just about love, respect is all that matters. Although she didn't indicate if she was referring to what Paul Okoye said. What are your thoughts on this? 

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