"Please I Can't Be For Everyone, I Have A Man Before You Put Me In Trouble" Iheme Nancy Tells Men

Iheme Nancy, a well-known actress in Nollywood, recently posted on Instagram to let people who have been making sexual overtures in her direct message section know that she is taken. She posted a story to Instagram explaining that she is dating someone but that her fans must accept the fact that she is not available to everyone.

She has said for the record that she is both unmarried and in relationships at various periods. She admitted that she has a few suitors who drop by her DM to ask her out on dates, but she always makes it plain that she is taken.

This is what she stated on her Instagram: "The amount of crushers in my DM." Please don't put me in trouble; I already have a boyfriend.I'm single most of the time, but I do have relationships on occasion.

The actress's brilliance and adaptability in film have made her a household name in recent years, propelling her to the forefront of Nollywood's celebrity hierarchy.

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